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Mango Languages offers courses in over 70 world languages and therefore occasionally brings on contractors to update, improve, and supplement the course material offered in those languages. Projects range from short-term to ongoing engagements with Mango over multiple years.

Mango Languages also offers a live instruction component called Mango Live, where students can take online classes with live instructors. We typically hire contractors for popular languages but sometimes also have clients that need instruction in less commonly taught languages.

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Our mission is to inspire curious people to forge deeper connections and meaningful interactions with one another. We do this by enriching lives with language and culture through the development and design of our online language learning software. The product is designed for K12 and higher education students, corporate executives, public library patrons, government officials, and language learners of all ages around the world.
Mango is looking for talented, passionate, and innovative individuals to join our team. Whether you work in technology, product development, sales, marketing, finance, education or another related field we’d love to talk more with you about the opportunity of working with Mango.
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