Concordia College Language Training Center



Martin Graefe:

Marty Fankhanel:

Bemidji, MN 56601


  • Arabic
  • Chinese/Mandarin
  • Hebrew
  • Korean
  • Pashto
  • Persian
  • Russian
  • Others


The Concordia Language Training Center offers 2-4 week intensive iso-immersion courses for linguists/analysts associated with the US Department of Defense. These courses will be offered online in the fall of 2020 and there will be mix of online and in-person (at Concordia Language Villages near Bemidji, Minnesota) in the January-May 2021 time frame. Depending on language and demand, one to six of these sessions will be offered for each language listed. The website will be updated frequently with current schedule information. Instructional teams will include 3-6 instructors for groups of 4-12 students, requiring instructional team members to collaborate extensively with colleagues. The course materials will be developed collaboratively based on client needs, with a strong focus on speaking (listening and reading), developing interpersonal language use (structured and unstructured) and a heavy focus on building cultural intelligence. Students value building confidence in their skills and abilities, learning about the linguistic and cultural diversity of the region where the language is spoken, and being challenged to use the language in this immersion environment. Expect work weeks of up to 50 hours/week (30-40 hours/week (4-6/day if taught online) during course implementation.

Postings for position openings (with a link to where applications can be submitted) can be found here (search under Staff Positions by language):

You will find the atmosphere and learning environment collegial, creative, collaborative, community oriented, enriching and rewarding.

You may also contact Marty Fankhanel at for further information.

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